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LIGHT in the dark times but MORE help is NEEDED    


Our focus is to make life for children experiencing severe neglect, abuse and starvation better by supplying food, clothing, shelter, education and a safe haven from the terrors they face on a daily basis. As the needs gets greater, our God allows our Ministry to grow stronger.

*In 2023

*100 children are tutored 4 days a week by our Full Time Teacher

* We continue to feed 300 children a week.

* Help families in the community around the Community Center. Lives are being changed.

* Sent more than 600 street children to school.

* 14,400 meals given to street children + sent many cases of PEANUT BUTTER!! Yummy!

* Food, groceries, and medical supplies were provided to many families.

* Clothes were provided for more than 1000 children.

* Blankets warmed 100's of babies & cloth and disposable diapers were provided

We will provide Christmas Parties and presents for 400 children.

* Purchased the Tagaytay Community Center Building.

*In 2024

* Feeding 300 children weekly.

* Supplied shoes to small community of children.

* Community Center in Tagaytay - providing food, education, safe place and love.

* Community Center in Manila - focus on the Youth and young moms.

* Sponsoring Mom's to start new small businesses (hair, nails, cleaning, cooking, shops)

* Helping families in need with housing repairs.

* Sending 600-800 Children to school.

* Paying a Full time teacher/youth event organizer/caring for the community.

* Helping with medical supplies and supplies when disasters hit.

* Involved with Youth classes in a local high school of 10,000 students.

* Preparing to build.

You can be part of the change!!

We are one family here in Canada (supported by a few families and friends) and only one family in the Philippines that has been able to make this difference in many lives.

Please consider joining our TEAM as we touch the lives of many more children and families and help bring about change for the FUTURE of the Philippines.

Together WE can do more!



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Tagaytay Kids

Tagaytay Family

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