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How was the Money Used 

  Last year the money that was donated or raised at events:

·         Sent 377 children to school

·         Bought 270 Raincoats for children who endured the rainy season often outdoors.

·         Sent 127 Children to a Christmas party (meal, gift, transportation).

·         Fed 100’s of children meals.

·         Paid off the remainder of the land that was owed.

·         Cleared the parcel of land of trees and debris.

·         Paid for the project blueprints for the project.

·         Helped in emergency situations to get children off the streets, fed, clothed & into 

          somebody’s home.

  Next steps:

·         Build a road

·         Start building the homes.

Sponsors from Trivia 2019

RAISED: $16,519.00
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