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Why we started

Community Center

Help us show Jesus Love.. with love, education, food and protection

Why Help ...

Can you imagine your child living on the streets??


About 1.5 Million Children  live on the streets in the Philippines. Being without a home leaves them to beg, steal and scavenge for food. About 20,000 of the street children prostitute themselves. These children and adolescents are at risk of HIV infection.  Efforts must be made to protect these children and provide them with at least ...basic needs. The poor are being forcibly ejected from their shelters to clear the way for the construction of new infrastructure without concern for the legal processes and requirements in the humane and peaceful relocation of the homeless poor. Many women and children are hurt and killed in the process. Kids Hope Ministry feeds, provides programs and helps children to be enrolled in school but even with all the help that is given, kids remain homeless and in danger of their lives.  We need your help to protect these children and give them a home. Our family has partnered up with Kids Hope Ministry to help raise money, here in North America where we are blessed with so much, to help feed, educate, and house these children. But ultimately to show them God's LOVE.  Please help us LOVE these kids. 

All money will be going towards building the Homes, for the children, in the Philippines.

Consider Partnering with us, by donating funds.

Join us in any way that you can think of. The team can never be too big.

Simply ... Educate, feed, house, keep safe all while showing them Jesus Love!

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