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You know the feeling of love at first sight?? That is how we felt when we saw these children when we were traveling in the Philippines a year ago. How can we let children live on the streets, be abused constantly and go without food? Something must be done. We met an amazing couple, Chad and Mellanny who founded Kids Hope Ministry 16 years ago. They have been sharing the message of Jesus, supplying food, clothing, education and hope to these kids but more must be done. Some kids are in grave danger and everyday it worsens. They need to get out of this situation. The children need a home, a family ... love. We are hoping that you will team with us to help build their "City of Hope". Land has been purchased and the hope is to build a cluster of small homes where the kids can experience a real family and God's love. 

Our family history... We absolutely love JESUS, love to travel, learn about new cultures and learn how we can be more about bringing the world together rather than concentrating on our differences. Justin has been in construction for most of his life. Kathy has worked with people with disabilities and connecting families. Together, with our family, we have tried to help the less fortunate in our own community and in different parts of the world. We believe that we have been blessed beyond what we deserve and MUST share what we have with the people that are brought into our lives. We would love to combine our LOVE for Jesus, construction knowledge and our passion for people to build The City of Hope for children in the Philippines, who at this point have little to hope in. We have partnered with Chad and Mellany but we can not do this alone. Please consider JOINING us in ANY way that you can!

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