Plans are complete. Walk through plans arrived.

1. Partial Land Purchased: 

1 hectare of land purchased. Thank you for all your donations.

1.7 hectares to be paid off in March. Just a bit more money needed to be raised to pay it off! Thank you!

2. Land has been cleared

3. Plans are complete. Thank you for all your donations. 

Finally a contract signed so work can begin. A lot of things needed to be worked out before this happened. 


4. Build a Road

500 meter road needs to be constructed up the mountain in order to start building the structures.

This is where the next money raised will go.

And Then.....


Building #1

We must (according to government rules) build one building to start, which will have an office, kitchen and meeting area. We will build lots of bedrooms above. This will allow for us to get many children here quickly.


2nd Buildings

After we have filled the 1st building, that follows all the government laws to build an orphanage, we will build clusters of homes for the children to experience real family life.



Develop a sustainable farm, selling most of the food locally through farmers' markets, local shops and other community schemes. Also Building#1 that was built will be rented out for Church Retreats.

Kenzie with the Kids...
Children at The River

​​Call us:


Justin and Kathy Thielmann

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